Geronimo Apache hide pouch to beat $12,500?

An Apache hide pouch given as a gift by Geronimo is valued in excess of $12,500 at Heritage Auctions.

It's among the highlights of the October 25 Legends of the West sale in Dallas.

Geronimo pouch Heritage
Geronimo was a famed 19th century Apache leader

Apache chief Geronimo gave the pouch to Mary Leefe Laurence, daughter of an officer at Mount Vernon Barracks, where he was imprisoned from 1887 until 1893.

In her book, Daughter of the Regiment (1898), Laurence recounts: "Geronimo...was short and stocky, with short black hair and a dark muddy reddish complexion.

"He had a big firm jaw and a cruel mouth. We children were afraid of him and took care to heed him whenever he spoke to any of us�Ǫ

"I still have the little buckskin wampum pouch with its jingly cone fringe which he gave me before we left."

We have a genuine strand of Geronimo's hair for sale.

Other lots in the auction include a document signed by legendary gunslinger Wyatt Earp in 1870.

It's a notice to testify in court in Lamar, Missouri, where Earp was serving as a constable, and is expected to sell for more than $9,375.

Last year a gun believed to have been fired by Earp in the Gunfight at the OK Corral in Tombstone, Arizona sold for $225,000.

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