Five top pieces of British Royal Family memorabilia

When people think of valuable memorabilia such as letters and portraits connected with Kings, Queens and Princes, most think of pieces related to Henry VIII or other long dead monarchs. But in fact current and recent royals have made several pieces exciting to collectors.

With rumours circling of a summer wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton, we take a look at five pieces of memorabilia from the 20th and 21st centuries.

A guitar signed by Prince Harry.

A guitar, owned by a Paul Sundt of little known band Beaver, has little value in itself having been bought for £500. But it may have picked up a more than a little value one evening when the owner noticed the third-in-line to the throne dancing to its strains and asked if he'd sign it.

Harry doesn't need too much persuading to move to music, but he is a more reluctant signer so his autograph is quite rare. That, the fact that he was enjoying the guitar's chords and the addition of a smiley face to the (slightly smudged) signature could all add value at an auction.

Sundt had the axe valued at a Dorcester auction house, but the result wasn't revealed. Of course, if Harry became a rock star it could become almost priceless. Just speculation - but he is a very modern royal...

A Christmas card from Prince Charles and family

The world is only too familiar with the breakdown of Charles and Diana's marriage. But for a number of years they seemed a very happy family, and that is certainly how they appear on their Christmas cards.

Recently we sold a card signed by both Charles and Diana in which they are depicted with a baby Prince William for £2,950 ($4,865). But if you missed out on that don't worry; there is a card, signed by both, showing the two of them again with a baby Harry, and particularly cheerful Prince William still on the market.

Edward VIII's settee

A stronger but less reputable bond was formed many years earlier by Prince Edward, later to be King Edward VIII, and Wallis Simpson. Edward was forced to choose between divorcee Wallis and the crown in 1936, and chose his bride, abdicating.

The sofa on which the two met in 1931 sold last year for £2,150. This was seven times the expected price, showing how easy it is to underestimate royal memorabilia as an investment.

Queen Elizabeth II's signed coronation photograph
Queen Elizabeth II's signed coronation photograph

Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation Photograph

Britain's Queen Elizabeth has reigned for over half a century, and regarded highly around the world. Memorabilia associated with her is naturally valuable, such as this large, beautiful photograph taken of the young Elizabeth by celebrity photographer Dorothy Wilding for her coronation.

The Black and White image, signed by the Queen in this instance, was used as the basis for a stamp.

Princess Diana's letters

Of course the Princess of Hearts is an icon in her own right, and memorabilia associated with her can be very valuable. In 2008, for example, a set of her letters to a former nanny brought £27,000 ($50,000) at a London auction.

One letter spoke of the early possibility of a relationship between her future husband Prince Charles and elder sister, whilst another spoke of her pregnancy with Prince William.

Those with fond memories of Diana will want to take a look at this stunning signed portrait photo of the Princess.


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