First Superman comic soars to a World Record $1m

There's been a lot of hype. Heritage were delighted to be able to offer such a high quality issue of the legendary comic book Detective Comic #27, and for a while it really looked as though it would become the most valuable comic in the world, perhaps breaking the $1m mark.

Issue 27 is of the first appearance of Batman, and whilst Action Comics #1 has traditional held it in second place as the most valuable issue of any comic, it had been thought that perhaps the hero introduced in that was losing popularity.

Superman has not been the subject of any recent films, for example, and with the exceptionally rare grading of 8.0, the time seemed right for Batman, (or The Batman as he appear on the cover of his first issue) to ascend to the highest point of the comic world.

Superman Action Comics #1
Action Comics #1 - Superman makes an understated entrance

But whilst Batman can climb, Superman can fly, and out of nowhere appeared a copy of Action Comics #1, likewise graded 8.0 to sell privately for $1m - a world record for any comic. The previous record was set just last year: $317,200.

Of course, the Heritage sale will still be a huge event. With a bidder already committed to paying over $500k if they are not out bid, Detective Comics #27 will be easily the biggest comic book sale Heritage have held, as David Tosh told us this week.

But even if it reaches $1m at or before the live auction on Thursday, it will not be the first. Batman seems destined to skulk forever in the shadows.


Image: Comic Connect 

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