Find out why Judy Garland collectibles put the 'Wonderful' in 'Wizard of Oz'

Today marks the 71st anniversary of one of the most popular films of all time The Wizard of Oz. 

First released in 1939, the film introduced the world to Dorothy, Tin Man, Scarecrow and the Cowardly Lion to name a few.

Yet on its release few could have predicted that the film would prove to be as enduring as it is. Initial box office returns were poor, thanks in large part to the huge budget of the film.

It was only once the film was re-released that families flocked to watch and its popularity grew.

Since then, the U.S Library of Congress has named The Wizard of Oz the most watched film in history.

The Wizard of Oz poster

The combination of the colourful cinematography, classic story and enduring songs have also helped to make "The Wizard of Oz" one of the most popular nostalgic cinematic investments on the collectibles market today.

Renowned Wizard of Oz memorabilia collectors like Adele Morris, who lives in the U.K have already highlighted the variety and value of these unique collectibles.

Having spent over £40,000, her collection includes biscuit jars, framed prints and most significantly ruby slippers.  

Today an original pair of ruby slippers, worn by the film's star Judy Garland, can bring more than £400,000 at auction.

And these pieces are only the beginning. Rare posters from the film have fetched up to £3,000 at auction.

Yet arguably the most significant Wizard of Oz memorabilia comes from Judy Garland herself, with the market offering excellent investment options at relatively low prices.

Garland would always be remembered for her portrayal of Dorothy and the classic rendition of "Somewhere over the Rainbow."

Her career would never reach the heights of this success again due to a combination of studio pressure and drug issues. Yet today, her performance has stood the test of time, with collectibles from the young star serving as a reminder of her truly exceptional talent.

Today, a 10x8 photograph of a young Garland is available to buy for just £1,950.

Judy Garland, signed photograph
Judy Garland, signed photograph

In comparison with the value of similar screen icon autographs of the era, this represents a great investment for collectors and fans alike.

These cinematic collectibles are definitely giving new meaning to the "wonderful Wizard of Oz" for collectors.


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