Fidel Castro memorabilia brings potential riches to investors' portfolios

A growing number of investors are realising that Fidel Castro memorabilia is one of the most exciting and potentially profitable areas of portfolio diversification around.

The demographics behind the sector do all the talking.

Cuba has great untapped wealth. The country is believed to be sitting on 20bn barrels of oil reserves in the Gulf of Mexico. Furthermore, 1m wealthy Cubans living in Florida say they will return to Cuba when Castro has gone, and a more liberal structure is introduced.

Castro's ailing health suggests that within years Cuba may well be full of high-net-worth individuals, keen to repatriate the country's collectibles, including Fidel Castro memorabilia.

Few items of Fidel Castro memorabilia ever appear at auction. Those that do are expected to be hotly contested over the coming years as growing numbers of investors realise the potential profit to be had.

Prices are already on the rise.

Castro's gold plated gun made $10,350 at Bonhams in 2005, while the average value of a Castro autograph has increased by 22.20% pa since 2000, from £325 ($500) to £2,950 ($4,540), according to the PFC40 Autograph Index.

Currently in stock we have one of the most important and stunning Cuban artefacts in existence: a unique pre-revolution Cuban flag, autographed by both Fidel Castro and Che Guevara.

Cuban flag autograph Fidel Castro Che Guevara


It is one of the jewels of our collection, and includes the words from Castro: "We will not let anybody impede the triumph that is coming".

Che Guevara has added: "We will only stop this fight when our flag waves free and sovereign".

We also have several other a autographed artefacts by Castro, including this wonderful signed poster.

With all our items, you will also receive:

· A certificate of authenticity with lifetime moneyback guarantee

· Free insured delivery

· Free storage (if required)

For more details, or to discuss other opportunities to own Fidel Castro memorabilia, contact us at:

+44 (0) 117 933 9503

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