Elvis Presley 'King's Crown' tooth auctions in UK memorabilia sale

How far would you go to own a piece of memorabilia from the life of your favourite deceased music celebrity?

It turns out that some collectors will literally go as far as owning 'a piece' of their idol. Last November, a tooth from the mouth of John Lennon doubled its £10,000 presale estimate at a UK auction.

The ex-Beatle's tooth was bought by Canadian dentist Michael Zuk. He paid £19,500 ($31,000) for it when the tooth auctioned in Stockport, UK.

"This tooth just represents a major celebrity that we don't have anymore," the 49-year-old told Canadian broadcaster CTV News. "I just think it's priceless."

If you're disappointed to have missed out on a chance to own Lennon's tooth, then the same Salford auctioneer will be offering a similar music memorabilia prize on February 25.

The Vinyl, Music & Film Memorabilia Auction is offering a crown of the King of Rock 'n' Roll himself, Elvis Presley. The tooth carries a £6,000-10,000 presale estimate.

Billed as "a one of a kind piece of rock and roll memorabilia," the crown is for sale along with a model of Elvis Presley's teeth made specifically for the star. Five accompanying letters of authenticity attest to its provenance, written by the dentist's wife and sons.


The King's Crown: Elvis Presley's replacement tooth could bring £10,000

The fake teeth were made by former Memphis dentist Henry J Weiss. Weiss was Presley's dentist until 1971 and affectionately dubbed his creation "the King's Crown." Weiss always had the mould on standby in case Presley chipped or cracked his crown.

That's exactly what happened in 1971. The King cracked his crown on a microphone while performing at the International Hotel - now the Hilton Hotel - in Las Vegas. Dr Weiss's son, S Lewis Weiss, flew a replacement tooth out to Las Vegas especially.

Collecting celebrity teeth may sound unusual, but it is in fact nothing new. Celebrity hair is another popular collecting niche. The latter hobby dates back to Victorian times, when a famous person was more likely to give your their hair than a signed autograph.

We have authentic hair from the head of Elvis Presley for sale here at Paul Fraser Collectibles. And this hair isn't from just any old haircut... These rock 'n' roll locks were chopped in 1958 when Elvis Presley was famously drafted into the US Army.

How much would you expect a strand of Elvis's hair to cost? The answer is just £49.95. Find out more about our Elvis Presley authentic strand of hair for sale here.

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