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This Sunday (June 19) is Father's Day and - like a few of us in the Paul Fraser Collectibles office - you may find that you are quickly running out of time to a) have a good idea of what to buy, and b) find an online retailer that'll deliver it in time for the weekend...

Of course, at Paul Fraser Collectibles, we're always on hand to offer advice at the most crucial moments. Which is why we've compiled our own list of the best collectibles to buy for your Dad on Father's Day (click on the images to find out more)...

#1 Napoleon's socks

Collectors don't need to settle for the typical socks you'd find in the high street... For inspiration, look no further than Toronto, Canada's Bata Shoe Museum. Alongside Marilyn Monroe's red pumps and a purple Beatle boot worn by John Lennon is none other than a pair of Napoleon's socks.

Very snug... French Emperor Horatio Nelson's socks

So how much are they? This particular pair is under wraps at the museum - but a pair of Napoleon's stockings, woven from an ivory silk, appeared for sale in France in 2010 with a pre-sale estimate of $20,500-27,400.

#2 James Bond '007''s suit

It's a safe bet that, at some point, your Dad has watched a James Bond film and secretly wished that he was 007... So why not give him a chance to emulate Bond with one of his finely tailored suits?


This Brioni suit and Turnbull & Asser sea island blue cotton shirt was worn by Pierce Brosnan in his debut Bond appearance, 1995's Goldeneye. It probably won't fit your Dad, of course. But the iconography of the Bond franchise will undoubtedly see this piece gain value in future years...

#3 John Wayne's cufflinks

These cufflinks won't necessarily match a James Bond suit, yet are worth a look anyway having been previously owned by none other than the king of the Westerns himself, John Wayne...

Even cowboys care about style... John Wayne's $6,500 cufflinks

This sterling tie bar and cufflinks set with matching cowboy boot design was owned and worn by the legendary actor. Billed as being in "Very Fine to Excellent condition with some minor tarnishing," the cufflinks were auctioned for $6,500 by Dallas' Heritage Auctions in October 2007.

#4 Golf clubs - or a mysterious putter

Instead of settling for ordinary golf clubs, why not also throw in a bit of mystery... This enigmatic putter is dated to 1900 and bears the unknown name AGH Askew, who is unrecorded as a professional, and is also unlisted in the 'Bible' of golf clubs, The Club Maker's Art.

Banned... A golf club from 1900 that you wouldn't get away with using today

Experts believe the club likely fell foul of the banning of centre shafted putters which followed Walter Travis's win in the 1904 Amateur. It remains a mystery... and great piece of golfing history, sold for £3,120 at Bonhams in early-2010.

#5 Andy Warhol's jumper, or Paul Scholes' shirt

If you're going to buy your Dad a jumper, then it ought to be something exciting... This jumper, worn by the legendary Pop Artist, Andy Warhol, was created by Halston whose 1970s designs were also worn by Elizabeth Taylor and many other glamorous Hollywood stars. It is priced at £9,950.

 Or, if your Dad prefers football to fine art, then you can always resort to 'Plan B' and buy in a football shirt. A match-worn shirt by the recently retired Manchester United and England player Paul Scholes is also for sale on the markets, for a much lower price of £1,250.

#6 A nice bottle of Macallan whisky...

If you're going to buy your Dad a bottle of whisky, then why not choose one that rivals him in age? This Macallan Lalique is 64-years-old and is the oldest whisky ever produced by Macallan in its entire 186 year history.

The whisky was vatted from three casks, all of which were built from sherry seasoned Spanish oak. The first was filled in 1942. A bottle was sold at a Sotheby's auction in November 2010 for $460,000 - and it today remains the most expensive whisky ever sold.

#7 Something music related...

If your Dad is prone to feeling nostalgic for bygone days when he enjoyed endless guitar solos and an abundance of hair follicles, then why not buy him a genuine piece of history from his youth? Like a rock autograph, for instance, which are among the best buys on the collectors markets...

Great examples include this album cover signed by the original Rolling Stones line-up, including the late Brian Jones. Needless to say, a piece like this is rare. Consequently, Rolling Stones' autographs, especially those featuring Jones, continue to gain value and bring much satisfaction to investors.

#8 A new Grieb & Benzinger wristwatch

Grieb & Benzinger are the world's most expert designers of exquisite skeletonised and guillochéd watches, whose pieces are finely wrought in platinum using master craftsman skills. Fascinatingly, their designs also draw on historical inspiration....


This example's inner workings are based on the mechanism of a rare quarter repeater movement from the 19th century. It also bears a double-headed eagle, a prominent symbol in Russia. For collectors on a slightly higher budget, this watch would set you back €125,000.


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