'eBay golf clubs aren't mine' says Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods has certainly had his problems of late - but surely he wouldn't need to resort to selling his golf clubs on eBay?

A golf bag and clubs purported to have been used by Woods during his 'Tiger Slam' were posted up on the popular auction website, priced at a hefty $250,000.

Tiger Woods: his legacy remains on
the golf course

Unsurprisingly, Woods has since come out himself to denounce the clubs as fake. "They're in my garage," he said.

Still, whoever was behind the attempted sale was at least right to maintain faith in the bankability of Woods' memorabilia.

'Should memorabilia collectors still invest in Tiger Woods?' was our question back in April. Fortunately, the answer is yes.

The bottom line with Tiger Woods memorabilia is the scarcity factor. He rarely signs autographs, and that factor remains.

A signed Tiger Golf ball can sell for $1,000 or more - and that value will surely continue to appreciate, regardless of what happens in his personal life.

At Paul Fraser Collectibles, our prices have stayed the same throughout the scandal.

For instance, this signed Tiger Woods baseball cap is currently in our stock - and we've seen them on offer at a 20% premium elsewhere.


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