Donald Trump’s tie realises $7,500 for charity

Donald Trump’s tie has realised an unexpected £6,000 ($7,353) in a charity auction in Chapelhall, Scotland.

Scottish newspaper Daily Record reports the tie was consigned by a local couple, Sandy and Kathy Aitken, who were given it as a gift by a circuit judge from Kansas while on a cruise in the antipodes.  

Trump tie Scotland

Demand for Trump memorabilia is growing 

Sandy told the publication: “All of a sudden, he [the judge] said to another man in our company and I, ‘you guys are looking smart, but you should have a collar and tie on’.

“The judge then went off to his cabin and came back with three ties. He handed me one; I put it on and could immediately tell it was expensive.

“I then noticed the tie said ‘Donald J. Trump signature collection’ on it and that’s when the judge told me that Donald Trump, who at this point was just announcing he was running for the presidency, was ‘his man’ and that he’d met him.

“He said the tie used to belong to Mr Trump and told me I could keep it. I didn’t know whether to thank him or throw it overboard!”

Luckily for Mr Aitken he resolved to use it to fund a friend’s treatment for secondary multiple sclerosis.

There has been a noticeable increase in demand for Trump memorabilia since he became president.

A limousine he designed in the 1980s is set to cross the block over the weekend.

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