Do you need it spelt out? Letters from the Beatles' 'ABEY' road album are for sale

As we've reported, The Fame Bureau's upcoming memorabilia auction is highlighted by a guitar which belonged to Elvis and a coat which is claimed to be one worn by Jimi Hendrix shortly before his death.

With Elvis and Hendrix involved, it should be no surprise to find good quality Beatles memorabilia on offer too, which there is. Perhaps the most unusual lot is the last remaining relics from the seminal Abbey Road album cover.

That is, the legendary four black and white ceramic tiles reading "A, B, E and Y from the back cover of the Beatles album.

Abbey Road sign
Abbey Road sign letters

In 1969 the borough boundaries were changed from Marylebone to Westminster and all of the existing signage in Marylebone and St John's Wood were destroyed.

The current vendor, a resident of Abbey Road had been observing the destruction of the signage and the famous crossing. She was appalled to see one of the builders with a pick axe prising the tiles off of the wall and smashing them on the pavement.

She was determined, being a huge fan of The Beatles, to obtain some souvenir from the builders' indifference to the history they were destroying.

Abbey Road album cover back
Abbey Road album cover back

Fortunately she was able to find four of the letters that she could piece together, the others were beyond saving. Taking the pieces back to her apartment, her father put the pieces back together and protected them with styrofoam and electric tape.

These historic four tiles remain untouched in that state, saved for posterity. It is the first time they have been seen since the destruction of the Abbey Road signs in 1969 and they are expected to achieve £12,000-15,000 ($24,400).

On New Year's Day, 2011, John Lennon's white suit from the Abbey Road album cover sold for $46,000.


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