Collectors 'come together' for $46,000 auction of John Lennon's suit

While revellers around the world celebrated January 1, the New Year also marked the end of a successful 2010 for John Lennon. A number of high profile auction sales across the year coincided with the 70th anniversary of the ex-Beatles' birth, and the 30th of his death.

These sales ranged from the iconic to the macabre - including the auctioning of a Double Fantasy LP signed by John Lennon for his assassin Mark Chapman. Though, thankfully, the most recent sale fell in the former category.

The piece for sale was none other than the suit worn by Lennon on the cover of the Beatles' 1969 album Abbey Road, whose classic songs include Come Together and Maxwell's Silver Hammer. Collectors and investors taking part in the auction were certainly buying into a rich legacy; to this day, Beatles fans still embark on pilgrimages to the famous London street.

George, Paul, Ringo, John and the $46,000 suit photographed at Abbey Road

Auctioned by Braswell Galleries in Connecticut, US, the suit brought a final price of $46,000 (£29,697). Other lots included a 1972 Chrysler station wagon once owned by Lennon and wife Yoko Ono, sold for $5,500 (£3,550).

That's slightly less than the white Volkswagen Beetle motorcar visible in the background on the Abbey Road LP cover. The Beetle was sold at auction in 1986 for £2,530 - the equivalent of £5,526 in today's money. It is currently on display at the Autostadt museum in Wolfsburg, Germany.


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