'Collectibles give investment strength and predictability that other assets sorely lack'

We're only into the second week of 2011, and it's already looking to be an incredibly busy year for the collectibles markets. So busy, in fact, that we had to turn down an offer from the Discovery Channel to go over to the USA and take part in a programme about Royal collectibles.

But here's the great news: although we weren't able to take the Discovery Communications TLC channel up on their offer, we're giving you the opportunity to go over to the USA - paid for by the channel - and appear on their programme.

Do you have expertise in and a passion for Royal Collectibles? Do you know your Charles II manuscripts, Princess Diana autographs and Kate and William memorabilia inside and out? If so, you can find out more appearing on Discovery Communications TLC by contacting us here:

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Diamonds are forever ... and so are fine wines

Meanwhile, while some people invest in Royal memorabilia, other collectors and alternative investors seem intent on living like royalty. That's according to new figures from various sources saying that fine wines and jewellery dominated 2010 - and will continue to do so in 2011.

Know your stuff about Royal
collectibles? Then America wants
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According to Liv-Ex, the leading online exchange for fine wines, French Bordeaux vintages accounted for a definitive 95% of the total exchange turnover. Better still, the success of Bordeaux in 2010 was spotted well in advance - a level of predictability that you won't find in the stock markets.

In fact, according to analysts, Château Lafite prices rose by between 60% and 100% in the last 12 months. And 2011 is expected to see similar success. The Wine Investment Fund expects increases of 21% for its main wine index this year.

Meanwhile, the diamond investment analyst Fusion Alternatives reported a continued surge in prices for special and unique diamonds in 2010. Values of large and fancy coloured diamonds have "essentially sky-rocketed over the last three years" said its report.

"With record after record being broken in both the international auction and private client markets... [the] investment diamond market fundamentals remain robust, allowing us to maintain our overall 'positive' outlook for investment diamonds both in the short and medium terms."

Gain the luxury of planning and controlling your future

As I said, experts - be they financial analysts or wine lovers like Robert Parker - predicted the success of Bordeaux wines in 2010. And the wines delivered. That's the great thing about collectibles: the price histories and predictions are there for you to make your own judgements.

Whether it's rare stamps, autographs or vintage wines, you can see for yourself how these assets have performed in the various available indexes. In other words, these assets give you control with their tangibility, strength of performance and flexibility in selling them all over the world.

Vintage wines are predicted to be the sparkling collectibles assets of 2011

Opportunities are already laid out for you, all offering tried and tested collectible assets. Whether its Acker, Merrall and Condit's upcoming Hong Kong sale of Bordeaux wines later this month (estimated sales: $9m); or Bonhams' upcoming South African art sale in London on March 23.

The latter sale, in particular, is offering a number of artworks by Irma Stern. The last time Stern appeared at auction, her painting `Bahora Girl' sold for a World Record price-beating R26.6m. The sale will certainly be one to watch...

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