Collectibles are second most popular alternative investment

I recently wrote about how we can learn from millionaire collectibles investors...

�Ǫhow the tangible, historically-profitable nature of high-end collectibles - whether stamps, film memorabilia, game-worn jerseys or other - is attracting the world's wealthiest...

�Ǫand how their desire to diversify their portfolios through collectibles is a model many of us can follow.

Now, a new piece of research from Morgan Stanley landed on my desk this week that takes this idea one step further.

It reveals that not only are a significant proportion of millionaires investing in collectibles, collectibles are in fact one of the most utilised forms of alternative investment around.

The US-based survey found that after property, collectibles are the most popular alternative investment, with 34% of millionaires investing in the sector.

Oil and gas
Collectibles are a more popular investment than oil and gas ��� and a lot more fun

That beats other alternatives such as precious metals (28%), real assets such as mining, gas and oil (17%), and venture capital (13%).

And what's more, 20% of those polled - a significant number I'd say - are planning on investing in collectibles in 2014.

Think about that for a moment. One in five millionaires will be "investing in collectibles", not simply "collecting" this year.

Which begs the question. If a sizable proportion of the world's richest men and women deem collectibles a good investment opportunity, isn't this sector worthy of your attention as well?

I'll put it another way.

With the stock market a constant uncertainty, with the price of gold tumbling, with your low-interest-rate savings account offering little more than a place for your money to slowly devalue, can you afford not to consider the potential of the investment-grade collectibles sector?

Last year alone we saw the world's most sought-after autographs rise in value by more than 13%.

You can discover many more examples of stock-market beating returns from collectibles here.

And if that whets your appetite, give me a call to discuss whether investing in collectibles is right for you.

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Who knows, this time next week you could be the proud owner of one of these stunning collectible investments

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