Che Guevara's Motorcycle Diaries comrade dies - but the memorabilia lives on

Alberto Granado, the friend of iconic Cuban Revolutionary Ernesto 'Che' Guevara, has died in Cuba at the age of 88.  Granado famously accompanied Che on his epic motorcycle journey across Latin America in 1952 - documented in the cult classic film, the 'Motorcycle Diaries'.

Granado was, like Che, an Argentinian, settling in Cuba in 1961 - shortly after the Revolution in which Guevara was so instrumental.  However, in the early 1950s, the two set out on a life-changing road trip, which they detailed in diaries.

The pair shared an old motorcycle which saw them travel around the southern tip of the continent and northward.  The journey fundamentally affected Che's views about society and politics, and is thus regarded as a major turning point in the young doctor's life. 

Guevara is, of course, most famous - or infamous - for his leading role in the 1959 Cuban Revolution, alongside Cuban President Fidel Castro.  Both are highly collectible to this day.


Che Guevara fishing
'Gone Fishing' - Che relaxing in the 1960s

For example, a clump of Che's hair is in fact the most expensive item connected to the Revolution: it was sold in October 2007 for $119,500.  We reported on the sale of a rare photograph by Alberto Korda - one of only 50 made - which shows Guevara fishing in his iconic hat; it sold for nearly $11,000 in 2010.

Castro has experienced considerable success as well; for example, his autograph as increased in value by 807% over the last decade.  Last year, his signature sold for $4,570; but for half of that you could purchase this certified autograph.  With Castro's age - he is now 83 - and withdrawal from public life, this could make an excellent investment for the future.

The collectibles market has even seen the sale of both signatures - on one $10m cheque from Castro to Che.  This absolute one-off realised $13,000 - demonstrating the power that Guevara and the Cuban President continue to wield in the autographs - and general collectibles - market


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