Charles Manson, Kray Twins feature in grizzly murderabilia auction


The murderabilia collection of crime author Steven F Scouller will be sold on August 16, featuring handwritten letters from the Kray twins and Charles Manson.

Scouller is one of the leading true crime collectors in the UK and has even released a book on the subject, which takes an in-depth look at the world of collectible murderabilia and the cultural impact of the world's most dangerous killers.

Featuring from his collection will be a 20-page document from Reggie Kray, which served as a diary of the notorious twins' criminal schemes and gave orders to members of their gang while they were in prison. Likely written in code, the A4 lined pages see Reggie referring to "Karl", an associate of the firm, saying "He's so cute", and telling his members to "Go to work for the fee". Dated July 13, 1998 and subsequent days, it is estimated to sell for £200-300.

2012 has seen a number of Kray twins auctions so far, with their prison artwork realising £17,000 in a July 11 sale. Letters from Reggie Kray to his one-time girlfriend - known only as Janet to conceal her identity - sold for £1,100 in November 2011.

Charles Manson Kray Twins letters
Manson's letter features typically bizarre and macabre ramblings

Following the Kray twins item will be a handwritten four page letter from "Helter Skelter" killer Charles Manson, which features his typically macabre ramblings.

He writes: "The pubic (sic) are bought and sold on jelly beans... would get their babies, cut their tongues out and break their eardrums and create a chamber of nothing", adding: "The biggest deceiver is words of religion, they come in all forms with words... but what they are saying is that they need your soul". The letter shares the same estimate as the Kray twins document.

Paul Fraser Collectibles will be bringing you the results of this sale in the coming days, so be sure to check back with us regularly. For fans of all things grizzly, we have this stunning memorabilia collection from Albert Pierrepoint - Britain's longest serving hangman.

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