Charles Lindbergh's flying helmet is selling at Drouot

The fur-lined flying helmet Charles Lindbergh wore during his pioneering 1927 flight is selling at Drouot in Paris on November 16.

Lindbergh became the first person to fly non-stop solo across the Atlantic when he touched down in France on the morning of May 20. Lindbergh was ripped from his plane and carried aloft by a jubilant crowd.

Lindbergh flying helmet
Lindbergh lost his flying helmet twice on his arrival in France

In all the merriment his flying helmet went missing.

Fortunately, the man who ended up with it gave it back.

However, on May 27 Lindbergh accepted an invitation to perform an aerial display over Paris in a Nieuport fighter plane.

While up there he managed to lose his hat for a second time.

It fell into the garden of a local Parisian woman, who kept it. It has been passed down in her family as an heirloom ever since.

Lindbergh's transatlantic flight in the Spirit of St Louis ushered in the age of commercial air travel.

The fact that it actually accompanied Lindbergh on his pioneering adventure makes this one of the most important pieces of his memorabilia ever to come to auction.

It's valued at $67,078-89,438 - a sum it could easily exceed when you consider that a letter he sent after his arrival in Paris made $75,000 in 2002.

We have a spectacular piece of the Spirit of St Louis signed by Charles Lindbergh for sale.

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