'Bruce Lee hit popular culture in the solar plexus'


Thirty-seven years after his death, Bruce Lee's impact on popular culture can still be seen all around us in films, music and multiculturalism.

And now - in the year which would have been his 70th birthday - the fighting legend's legacy is being expanded upon even further.

An extensive Bruce Lee exhibition opened this year's 34th Hong Kong International Film Festival, featuring vintage poster art and memorabilia items including a boxing head guard and a pair of sunglasses.

According to Lee's wife and daughter, Linda Lee Cadwell and Shannon Lee Keasler, further projects such as a cartoon series and a CGI live-action movie in 3D are also forthcoming.

As Cadwell told reporters in Hong Kong, it is hoped that the next wave in Lee's popularity will reveal that there was much more to the actor than martial arts.

"He had a deep philosophy... He wrote and he influenced so many people on how to change their lives by the work that he did," she told the BBC.

Only last week, Paul Fraser Collectibles examined this 'other side' of Lee's legacy with a close look at an exceptional piece of memorabilia from his eventful life.

Prior to his untimely death, Lee had intended to share some of his fighting knowledge and innovations with the world through a book, provisionally titled The Tao of Chinese Kung Fu. Sadly, the book never made it past the handwritten notes stage

Fortunately, collectors now have a chance to preserve these notes. Among the pieces he left behind is a spiral bound notebook, measuring 8.5 x 11", which contains over 35 pages in Bruce Lee's handwriting.

This 35-page example - the most detailed notebook of Bruce Lee's that Paul Fraser Collectibles has ever handled or seen - is currently for sale to collectors priced £100,000 ($165,000). You can find out more about it in our article here.

Meanwhile, the above video is a preview of a forthcoming documentary on how Bruce Lee changed the world, featuring comic creator Stan Lee, Jackie Chan and various filmmakers and Hip Hop artists including RZA from the Wu Tang Clan and LL Cool J.

As the latter says in the above film, "Bruce Lee hit popular culture in the solar plexus." And now it's set to happen all over again...

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