Ben Stiller reveals he's a Star Trek collector

Hollywood star Ben Stiller has revealed that he collects Star Trek memorabilia.

The Zoolander star made the admission after stealing the show at last night's Academy Awards with a sketch poking fun at James Cameron's blockbuster flick, Avatar.

Leonard Nimoy wears his ears as the '60s sci-fi icon Mr Spock
Leonard Nimoy wears his ears as the
'60s sci-fi icon Mr Spock

Stiller appeared sporting a wig, face paint and fake ears in the style of the Na'Vi, the fictional aliens who populate director Cameron's 3D-rendered fantasy world in the film.

"I should have worn my Spock ears," he admitted while presenting the Oscar for Best Make-up award.

"I have two pairs from the original series, both signed by Leonard Nimoy - but that would have been nerdy.

"This is so much cooler."

Two pairs of rubber ears worn by Star Trek actor Nimoy as the character of Spock sold at Christie's in November, 2000, for $3,290 and $3,055.

Those pairs were unsigned. Whether Stiller owns the same two pairs is unknown - but the addition of Nimoy's signature would certainly raise their value.

 In other Star Trek news, props, costumes and other memorabilia from the series' 2009 film will auction at Julien's, in Las Vegas, on May 8.


Image: Ben Stiller by Jerry Avenaim 

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