Become a better memorabilia investor with one simple question

If you have any interest in achieving a financial return from your love for collectibles, I'd like you to consider this.

You'll be familiar with the advice to "buy the best you can afford" - the more valuable your collectible, generally speaking the greater the possibilities for a strong return in the future.

But I want to take it one stage further.

Henry VIII divorce plea
Henry VIII’s plea for divorce - a history changing moment

Because what does "buying the best you can afford" mean when it comes to asset classes within the memorabilia sector, be it space, sports, movie, royal, or political?

It means buying items connected with the most iconic moments in history.

From moments that defined lives.

·         The dress Marilyn Monroe wore in her iconic breezy subway scene from The Seven Year Itch made $5.6m in 2011. In contrast, a dress she wore in the less celebrated River of No Return made "just" $504,000 during the same year.

·         John Lennon's "Bed Peace" artwork from his and Yoko Ono's 1969 antiwar "Bed-In" sold for £97,250 ($154,000) in 2011, while regular artworks by the former Beatle achieve less than $10,000.

·         Robbins Medals flown on board Apollo 11? They can achieve close to $30,000. Robbins Medals from the same mission that remained on Earth? $8,000 at best.

When estimating the likely future interest for an item of memorabilia, and correspondingly its likely growth in value, ask yourself this question.

Is this item connected with a defining moment in history or a person's career?

If you answer yes, then chances are you have a blue chip investment-grade collectible in front of you.

I've picked out three items of our stock that meet these criteria.

·         Henry VIII's personal divorce plea that instigated the break from the Catholic Church

·         1966 England World Cup autographed menu from the official banquet, held on the evening of the final

·         Fidel Castro and Che Guevara pre-revolution signed flag, declaring Guevara's intent to "only stop this fight when our flag waves free and sovereign".

To discuss any of these today please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Paul Fraser

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