Avengers assemble at comic book auction in Denver

A Denver auction house is expecting estimates to be smashed following this month's release of Marvel's Avengers Assemble movie.

The auction, which closes on April 28, features several #1 issues from the individual series' of the film's heroes.


Captain America #1 Avengers Assemble
Captain America #1 (1941)

Captain America leads the team, with his first appearance estimated to sell for $10,000-12,000. The remarkable first issue was released in 1941, with the cover showing Captain America punching Hitler.

The issue not only sees the first appearance of Captain America and his young ally Bucky, but also the deadly villain Red Skull.

Captain America's first outing was released through Timely Comics, which would later become the world-leader Marvel in the 1960s.

Marvel memorabilia continues to sell well at auction, with a Captain America film costume achieving $233,700 at auction this month.

The Captain's team mate, Iron-Man will fair less well in the auction, with his less popular #1 expected to bring just $800-900.

Despite the success of the recent Marvel films, Iron Man's character has never been as popular as the majority of Marvel superheroes in the comic book world.

Planet Comics could keep Captain America from the top spot in the auction, with the #1 issue expected to bring $15,000-20,000. The space opera series ran for 73 issues from 1940 to 1953, bringing the classic babes and ray-guns of sci-fi to the comic book world.

Featuring Space Ranger Flint Baker's first story and explaining the origin of Auro, Lord of Jupiter, the landmark issue is in brilliant condition for its age and provides a great opportunity for collectors to own a piece of comic book history.

Another Hitler-bashing issue will also come to auction tomorrow, Daredevil Battles Hitler. The cover of this issue sees Hitler, who is described as "The Mad Merchant of Hate", cowering from the blows of the Daredevil. This unique and historic item is expected to make $7,500-8,500 at the Denver sale.

The recent wave of superhero films has brought renewed interest to the comic book collecting world. The first appearances of Spider-man and Batman are expected to bring superb results to another comic book sale in May.

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