'Astonishing' Titanic photo auctions this month

One of the finest photos of the Titanic ever captured comes to auction this month.

The oversize 18 by 11 inch sepia shot is expected to make up to £8,000 ($10,000) at Henry Aldridge and Son's April 22 sale in Devizes, UK.

Titanic photo

Can you spot the two window cleaners?

Titanic memorabilia has surged in popularity following the 1997 film and the centenary of the sinking in 2012; a sextant belonging to Arthur Rostron, who captained the first ship on the scene, Carpathia, sold for £66,000 ($95,162) with the same auction house last year.

Yet even so, £8,000 might seem a lot for a photograph.

That is until you hear the perspective of the auction house's Andrew Aldridge, who states it is one of the best Titanic photographs he's handled.

"What makes it so remarkable is the level of detail, it's truly incredible and certainly the most detailed I have seen," Aldridge explains.

"The clarity and detail are astonishing, with the image capturing abseiling window cleaners and even a workman on a gantry touching up the paint work on the hull, preparing the final finishing touches before Titanic left Southampton for the first and last time."

The auction house believes the photo, discovered in a Paris flea market in the 1970s, was likely taken on April 9 - the day before the ship set sail on her fateful first voyage.

The auction will also feature a four-foot prop lifeboat from the 1953 Titanic film. It has a £5,000 ($6,250) valuation.

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