Apple-1 computer to auction on eBay

A rare functional Apple-1 computer (1976) that belonged to former Atari designer and Apple employee Joe Copson is being offered on eBay.

Bidding stands at $20,600 ahead of a closing date of April 24.

The lot is easily identifiable as the Copson model due to its custom case and wiring. It's one of only 63 surviving specimens of the Apple-1, which was recalled by the company soon after its release.

Apple 1 ebay
The lot is one of the earliest known Apple-1 computers on the market

His brother explained: "Joey got it brand new from a shop down in San Jose called the Byte Shop. That's who he bought it through, but I'm almost sure it came to him via the mail, through a package�Ǫ

"He's opening it up and I'm going, 'Wow, this has got to be something really bitchin'.' And he opens it up, oh, wow! But to him, he's almost bowing down to it, and I'm like, 'What are you so excited for?' He was like a kid opening up the best present he ever got at Christmas.

"It was as if you got the BB gun you always wanted. I remember when the Apple II came out, and he said, 'They'll give me a big discount if I trade in the Apple-1,' and he goes, 'No, I'm not going to. I don't care, I'm keeping the Apple-1.'"

The lot could set a new record for an Apple-1 at auction.

The seller comments: "Since the Copson machine is #22 and the machine purchased for the Henry Ford Museum is #70, the acquirer of this machine is likely getting an earlier machine then the Ford Museum purchased at auction in September 2014 for $905,000."

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