Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf makes $23,000 in March 17 sale

A copy of Adolf Hitler's murderous polemic Mein Kampf has sold for $22,655 at Alexander Historical Auctions' March 17 sale.

Hitler Mein Kampf
The copy of Mein Kampf is signed by 11 US officers

The book was discovered in his apartment in Munich on May 2, 1945 by American soldiers from a field artillery unit and is signed by 11 officers.

It's inscribed: "From Adolph Hitlers apartment in Munich on May 2 1945 John Grueber[?] Lt. Col. F[ield]A[rtillery]".

Hitler had shot himself in his Berlin bunker just two days before.

Understandably, the sale of Nazi memorabilia is hugely controversial.

Alexander Historical's founder, Bill Panagopulos, explained to news channel ABC that it's important to preserve history, both good and bad, "so that we don't repeat the sins of the past.

"It's important that we have them and keep them in front of us."

"This book has generated a lot of controversy especially in light of present-day comparisons of certain political candidates with Hitler and suggestions that their political beliefs are in line with his.

"I'm not going to comment on that but it's surprising the number of comments we've received along those lines."

A copy of Mein Kampf retrieved from Hitler's bunker sold for ?�42,000 ($59,812) in a 2013 auction.

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