Adolf Hitler painting collection to auction on June 17

A collection of 14 drawings and paintings by Adolf Hitler are to be offered at Weidler Auction House in Nuremburg on June 17.

The most valuable work, a painting of Bavaria's Neuschwanstein Castle, is expected to make around $50,256.

Hitler castle painting
Hitler was a failed artist before he became a dictator

The other works run the gamut of still life, nudes, landscapes and architectural studies.

Prior to leading the Nazis to power, Hitler had tried to get into art school in Vienna.

A keen painter he produced hundreds of works in the years before the first world war, but was ultimately turned away due to a lack of ability.

He would find himself embittered and living on the streets. Unlike most people in Europe, the first world war would prove his salvation.

Interestingly enough some have pointed out that he appeared to have an inability to capture people and faces. This is often a sign of Aspergers Syndrome.

Last year Weidler Auction sold a watercolour painting by Hitler of Munich town hall for $145,184.

Auctions of Hitler's artwork are often highly controversial.

Earlier this year a painting offered in an online sale at Nate D Sanders was withdrawn.

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