Abraham Lincoln Illinois desk currently stands at $3,328

A desk that Abraham Lincoln used while serving in the Illinois General Assembly has been consigned to Nate D Sanders' latest sale, which closes April 2.

Abraham Lincoln desk
Lincoln used this desk in his last two terms as a member of the Illinois General Assembly

Used between 1838 and 1842, the desk is currently selling at $3,328, but will undoubtedly see stronger bids as the auction draws to its close. It is accompanied by excellent provenance in the form of several letters, the earliest dating to May 28, 1920.

In this handwritten letter, the writer details a note from 1857 that was found with the desk that reads:

 "�Ǫthis desk was used by Abraham Lincoln during his last two terms as a member of the Illinois Legislature�Ǫit was afterwards occupied by J Graham, a personal friend of Lincoln who acquired its possession and ownership when the state replaced the old fashioned desks by new ones..."

Additional letters confirm the anecdotal story, with James Hickey, the Lincoln curator of the Illinois State Historical Library offering to buy the desk in a letter dated February 17, 1976.

Lincoln was elected to the Illinois General Assembly as a member of the Whig Party in 1834, aged just 25. He was then re-elected for a further three terms in 1836, 1838 and 1840.

Also starring is the laptop Bill Clinton used to send the first presidential email, which appeared on eBay in October 2012 with an estimate of $125,000. It has yet to receive any bids.

With the outstanding auction of JFK memorabilia in February, we can expect strong results from Jackie Kennedy's Super 8 movie camera, which is selling alongside a memorial edition of JFK's Profiles in Courage, signed by Robert and Ted Kennedy. Both have a minimum bid of $1,000.

Alongside John F Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln is perhaps the most collectible of all US presidents. Paul Fraser Collectibles is also offering a unique, personal item of Lincoln memorabilia - the wallpaper from his bedroom.

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