$35k for the hat of Lee Harvey Oswald's killer

The Dallas Morning News newspaper ran the headline "Storm of Political Controversy Swirls Around Kennedy On Visit." John F Kennedy was visiting Dallas in 1963 to end political infighting amongst Democrats and shore up his own brittle support in Texas.

A copy of that paper is the one which hotel maid Jan White hurried up to Kennedy with, on the morning of November 6 1963, for the President to sign just hours before he was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald. No later examples are known to exist.

This newspaper is up for auction at Heritage Auctions 20th Century Icons Auction in Dallas, and expected to sell for around $20,000.

Paul Fraser Collectibles currently has the autograph of Kennedy, and his wife Jackie, from a more hopeful time - it appears on a copy of his campaign programme.

Jack Ruby hat JFK Kennedy
Jack Ruby's hat

Two days after he shot Kennedy, Oswald was shot himself. Not by a sniper, but at point blank range on live television by Jack Ruby, who was wearing a grey fedora hat with a black band.

The call "follow the hat" became famous worldwide.

That same hat, authenticated by Ruby's own brother, is now up for sale and is expected to sell for $35,000.

It's a measure of how sought after memorabilia is that, when Jack Ruby died from lung cancer in 1967 (still fighting his conviction for Oswald's killing), he was shackled to the bed in case someone tried to steal the corpse.

Even these shackles, available at the auction, are expected to sell for around $5,000. A powerful reminder of just how significant for Americans Kennedy's assassination was.


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