30B Back Boba Fett figurine valued at $22,500 at Vectis

A Palitoy 30B Back Boba Fett figurine is valued at ?�10,000-15,000 ($15,102-22,653) ahead of a major sale of Star Wars memorabilia at Vectis Auctions in Thornbury, UK.

The lot is part of the collection of Craig Stevens, former chair of the UK Star Wars Fan Club - a selection so large that the sale will take place over two days (January 28 and February 15).

Boba Fett toy
Boba Fett is among the rarest in the Palitoy range

Stevens told GazetteLive, an online news outlet covering the North East of England: "I was one of the children who queued up to see Star Wars when it was first released in 1977, and it had a tremendous effect on me."

"I began collecting everything I could get my hands on connected to Star Wars, and I have kept going right up to the present day.

"I have amassed one of the world's biggest collections of British Star Wars memorabilia over the years.

"I have put a selection from my Star Wars mint-on-card figure collection up for auction at Vectis after a great deal of thought and soul searching.

"It will be terribly heart wrenching to see my items sold but I am sure that each one will go to a very good home and be protected and cherished by my fellow collectors."

Palitoy released the first Star Wars toys in the UK in 1978, but less than a year later the company's license ran out and US made versions flooded the market.

Last year a rare Palitoy Jawa figure with a vinyl cape sold for ?�10,200 ($16,500) at Vectis.

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