1860 election ferrotype buckles valued in excess of $15,000

A set of eight ferrotype belt buckles displaying the presidential and vice-presidential candidates in the 1860 US election are to cross the block at Heritage Auctions.

Bidding on the collection will open at $15,000 ahead of the February 28 closing date.

1860 buckles Heritage
Republican candidate Abraham Lincoln won the 1860 election - adding to the historic value of the buckles

The election was the first in US history to include four presidential candidates, each of who was running on wildly different campaign promises.

In response, the memorabilia market exploded. That year marked the introduction of the photographic badge, allowing supporters to carry a likeness of their chosen candidate.

Heritage comments: "What makes this set so special is the inclusion of the four Vice Presidential running mates: Hamlin, Johnson, Everett and Lane. No other examples are known for any of these four vice presidential candidates!

"It seems probable that this was a specimen set, and that the vice presidential versions were never ordered or produced 'on spec' in quantity."

A Bryan and Stevenson full colour jugate (side-by-side portrait) eclipse badge from 1900 will start at $7,500.

The Democrat pair lost against Roosevelt and Mckinley in the 1900 elections. An eclipse had occurred earlier in the year and this badge coasts on the novelty factor, with a depiction of Bryan and Stevenson eclipsing their opponents above the words: "Total Eclipse Nov. 6".

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