10 famous names to consider for investment

Forbes' 2012 highest-earning dead celebrities list makes for as fascinating a read as ever.

1. Liz Taylor $210m

2. Michael Jackson $145m

3. Elvis Presley $55m

4. Charles Schulz $37m

5. Bob Marley $17m

6. John Lennon $12m

7. Marilyn Monroe $10m

7. Albert Einstein $10m

9. Dr. Seuss $9m

10. Steve McQueen $8m

What can collectors learn from the figures?

The list is a who's who of 20th century popular culture (Einstein aside).

These are names whose glory days are now many decades distant, yet they still capture the imagination of the public, who continue to spend their money on products related to the celebrity.

It's not an exact science, of course, with many factors making up each individual's earnings.

Yet this is a superb guide for investment-minded collectors looking for pointers as to whose memorabilia is likely to endure in popularity in the long-term, especially for those celebrities who died many years ago.

And the nitty gritty is even more intriguing.

Elvis' continued strong showing was helped by heavy "footfall" at Graceland - confirmation of his continuing draw with the punters. Billionaire Leon Black recognises his worth, buying Elvis' and Muhammad Ali's estates for a combined $509m in 2011.

Taylor's appearance at top spot can be attributed in large part to the recent $115.9m auction of her jewellery, a world record for a jewellery collection - clear evidence of her enduring appeal.

While Michael Jackson's income was boosted considerably by his 50% stake in the Sony catalogue, which includes the Beatles and Lady Gaga, sales of his own work continue to perform well. The buoyant figures tally with those of the PFC40 Autograph Index, which states that his autograph has doubled in value during the past two years.

But what of Einstein - the anomaly in the top 10?

His estate is careful where his image rights are used, yet interest in the great man could take a leap forward in 2015, with the 100th anniversary of his theory of relativity.

It doesn't guarantee riches, of course, yet the Forbes list can provide a great starting point for determining where to invest your money.

You will find many of the top 10 among our stock for sale:

·         Liz Taylor

·         Michael Jackson

·         Elvis

·         Charles Schulz

·         John Lennon

·         Marilyn Monroe

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