WW2 British spy gadgets offered in February 14 sale

A collection of WW2 British spy gadgets is to sell at C&T Auctions in Ashford, Kent on February 14.

All originate from the Special Operations Executive (SOE), sometimes referred to as the Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare.

SOE utility knife

This utility knife features a blade designed for slashing tyres 

The organisation was founded in 1940 and focused on disrupting the Axis war effort through spying, sabotage and supporting resistance movements across Europe.

The top lot is an escape utility knife, which carries an estimate of £500-1,000 ($628-1,257).

It's bristling with hacksaw blades, including one designed to slash tyres, and also features a wire cutter.

There’s also a pen dagger, designed by MI9 (the escape department of the WWII war office) for assassination purposes. It's valued at £300-500 ($377-628).

This vicious looking pen dagger was a useful tool for would be assasins

This vicious looking pen dagger was a useful tool for would be assasins

The long blade is concealed within the casing of a fountain pen and would have been used by resistance members.

A hollow key designed to carry either secret messages or poisons is another fascinating lot.

It’s expected to make £100-200 ($125-250).

Mathew Tredwin, of C&T Auctioneers, told the Sun newspaper: “Some of these weapons are quite chilling when you look at them now but they give you an immediacy of a kill or be killed scenario many of these agents woulds have faced.

“You can imagine an SOE operative, many of whom were women, being cornered by a German soldier and all you had was a stealth weapon to fight your way out.

“Or on creeping up behind a sentry and disposing of them quietly with the garrote wire. It was incredibly dangerous. If you were caught that was it, you would be executed.”

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