Worth a bomb: Man tries to sell WW2 munition on the internet

The Irish website DoneDeal uses the phrase 'Buy and Sell Anything in Ireland' as its strapline, but that's a potentially dangerous thing to claim.

Earlier this month, David McDaid decided that a WW2 bomb, thought to have been on board a German plane which crashed in the area, was not being put to best use lying in a ditch. So he loaded it up onto his tractor and took it home.

Some years later, using a photograph of it taken in his girlfriend's garage, he put it up for sale on the trading website.

24 hours later, he had a response. Not from a potential buyer, but from a truck full of soldiers. "It was like the D-Day landings" McDaid exclaimed. The website had been alerted to the unique collectible, and contacted the authorities.

The bomb was not found to pose an active risk, but was taken away and destroyed in any case.

McDaid explained that familiarity had dampened any sense of risk. He is one of a number of adults who can remember playing on it as children, and quad bikes even used it as a bridge over the ditch at one stage.

At Paul Fraser Collectibles, we always highlight that when buying from private individuals over the internet, using eBay for example, there are certain dangers involved - but they were unusually obvious in this case.

WW2 militaria collectors may be interested to know that a signed photo of Winston Churchill is currently available.



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