World War One diaries capturing the 'spirit' of conflict bring £9,600

It can be argued that no collectibles celebrate human achievement as well as war memorabilia. In particular, medals and militaria from The Great War have proven to be among the most valued and coveted in the collectors' markets in recent years...

This trend was continued at Hansons Auctioneers of Derbyshire's sale, whose lots include a remarkable diary and sketch book recording life in the trenches of World War One.

The writings and sketches are by Lieutenant Kenneth Edwin Wootton, who served on the western front with the Tank Corps. He died 35 years ago, having been decorated for his bravery.

Appearing alongside paintings and drawings of war ephemera, including battlefields and tanks, Wootton's notes are particularly striking for Hansons' called their "jovial attitude."

According to excerpts in a BBC report, his entries mention that the ground "seemed to boil" under the weight of shelling.

In contrast, he elsewhere mentions a Christmas dinner which made him feel "very merry".

Overall, Wootton's diaries add up to a striking and singular document of the spirit and ups and downs of war. They sold for £9,600.



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