Winston Churchill documents sell at three-figure sums - including from his funeral

A Sir Winston Churchill war letter is expected to bring £600 when it sells at the Welsh Bridge saleroom in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK on December 7.

Churchill wrote the letter in 1940 to the National Farmer's Union, addressed to its President. Manuscripts penned by Lewis Carroll, the Duke of Wellington and Robert Peel will also appear in the auction.

Churchill's three-page note - which also bears his official crest on each page - refers to agricultural price levels and food production, written at a time when World War Two was increasingly taking its toll on the nation.

"Food production of our country," writes Churchill, "is, at this hour of supreme crisis, one of the vital factors in our ability to resist and overcome a formidable enemy."

According to experts at Halls, the letter's date of September 17 is a error made in the franking office.

Sir Winston Churchill wrote this letter in 1940 to the National Farmer's Union

Churchill's note is reportedly expected to sell for £600 when it auctions, next month. This seems like a low estimate to us, given that the equivalent average value of a Sir Winston Churchill signed photograph stands at £5,950 in today's market.

Needless to say, signed letters by the great wartime Prime Minister can sell for even more at auction - often enticing bidders with insights into Churchill's mind while he lead his nation.

Halls' Churchill letter could sell for considerably beyond its £600 presale estimate when bidders are unleashed upon it, next month.

One Churchill collectible that will sell for circa £600, however, is this collection of six documents, including rare and genuine order of service and ceremonial booklets, from Sir Winston Churchill's state funeral.

Not surprisingly, the man regarded as Britain's greatest-ever Prime Minister was given a hero's send-off. These six documents are vital pieces of history from that momentous day.

Churchill's letter to the National Farmer's Union may sell for considerably more thant £600 at Halls, in our opinion - but we have six historic documents from Churchill's funeral for sale at a fixed price of £695


We have the six documents for sale priced at just £695 with free insured delivery. They could prove a great bargain for you if Halls' Churchill letter shoots beyond its pre-sale estimate on December 7.

And, given that the average value of a Sir Winston Churchill signed photo has risen by 128.8% over the past 11 years, opportunities to buy his memorabilia for three figure sums are likely to become increasingly scarce in future years.

Watch this space for more news from the Sir Winston Churchill memorabilia markets.


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