Last week in Moline, Illinois, USA an enormous number of pistols and rifles, shotguns and revolvers were sold at auction.

Many were beautifully designed, and many more were classic pieces from one part or another of American history.

The Civil War was well represented, notably with two Henry Lever-Action Rifles going for $37,375 and $31,625.

There were also pieces from WWI and WWII.

There were a total of 500 military pieces, of which perhaps the best performing were Lugers, notably an 1899 Swiss test Luger which sold for $48,875.

There was particular interest also in a Walther PPK pistol (used by the Nazis) with a shooting prize inscription which went for $28,750.

Most of the lots were not associated with any particular conflict, however, but just vintage pieces.

In particular, there were a staggering 500 Winchesters available. One of these, a superb factory engraved 1873 Lever Action Rifle took the top price of $425,500.

Sports gun enthusiasts also expanded their collections. A rare engraved and gold inlaid Ithaca Flues model double barrelled shotgun with an extra barrel sold for $25,875.

Some of the most intriguing non-firearm lots in the auction included a sword from the Flayderman/Medicus collection with a silver eagle on the hilt which sold for $23,000.

There was also a selection of gambling memorabilia and brewiana, of which the pick was a slot machine with carved figures which sold for $7,475.

Other top lots sold were a pair of beautifully embellished Suhl Germany pistols ($172,500), a .32 double action 4th model Smith and Wesson revolver exhibited in 1893 ($103,500) and a presentation pair of flintlock pistols, finished with silver and gold, made for the Sultan of Turkey ($69,000).

Overall, 98% of the lots sold - a triumph for collectible militaria and memorabilia in troubled economic circumstances.

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