Very rare New Zealand Cross may win $98,100 at Dix Noonan Webb
Just last month, Dix Noonan Webb set a world record with the World Record breaking sale of a George Cross.

But whilst many auctioneers are still snoozing for the summer, the company is planning another very major sale, which includes putting an extremely rare New Zealand Cross under the hammer on September 23.

New Zealand crosses were awarded to those in the country who served in local military and who were considered ineligible for the Victoria Cross. The medal was created in 1869, but only 23 were awarded. It is one of the world's rarest military honours.

Of these, 14 are already in museums. The one coming to auction in London in a few weeks' time is that awarded to Thomas Adamson in 1876 "for good and gallant services as a scout and guide throughout the campaign of 1868-69".

Adamson was a noted bushman from the Whanganui area who adopted the Maori way of life and fought bare foot.

The medal, one of just nine remaining in private hands is listed at £60,000 (NZ$115,300 or US$98,100) in the catalogue. The sale has caused a measure of controversy as some within the country would like it to be back home, rather than being sold in England.

Adamson, a ruthless fighter who sometimes beheaded his opponents as proof of his exploits, died in 1913.

New Zealanders are not strangers to the Victoria Cross itself of course, with one of only three men to receive it twice, Charles Upham, hailing from the country.


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