Theodore Roosevelt antique firearm is for sale at Rock Island Auction

Quality Colts from the collection of noted Colt collector C.D. Terry have been added to an already impressive selection of over 600 Colts in Rock Island Auction (RIA) Company's upcoming December 2, 3 and 4 sale.

The highlights of Mr Terry's collection are the only three known remaining documented factory engraved Colt Model 1871-72 Open Top revolvers.

These revolvers are part of a group of eight Model 1871-72 Open Top revolvers shipped to J.P. Moores and Sons on July 4, 1876 manufactured by Colt for display at the 1876 Independence Day celebration in New York City.


President Theodore Roosevelt's handgun, bearing his initials

Also featured from his collection are fine examples of Model 1860 Percussion revolvers, a Richards Conversion model 1860, and much more. 

Billed as an auction "for the true Colt collector," the sale also includes:

* The Complete Evolution of Winchester from Volcanics to Model 70's

* Collection of over 25 Maynard Single Shot Rifles

* Outstanding Civil War Arms featuring 80+ Carbines including Confederate Arms

* Excellent Colts including Percussions, Single Actions, Early Autos, 1911's and Longarms and Rare Colt Derringers

* The Second Instalment of Putnam Green Collection: Part II

* Outstanding U.S. and German Military Arms spanning two World Wars

* Collection of new in the box Merkel Shotguns and Steyr Rifles

* Over 100 Browning Shotguns and Rifles

* Part 2 of the finest M1 Carbine Collection, featuring every serial number block for each Contractor of M1 Carbines during WWII

* High Grade Double Barrel Shotguns

* Excellent Smith & Wesson Collection

* Quality Lugers.

Also expected to perform well in the sale is a handgun with arm support used by none other than President Theodore Roosevelt, for which RIA will undoubtedly have high hopes.

Roosevelt is no stranger to the antique firearms markets. Previously, James D Julia auctioned the president's "most historic and important shotgun" earlier this year. In the end, the "F" grade shotgun blasted to $862,500.

Watch this space for more news on RIA's antique firearms auction.


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