The mystery of General Custer

When they found General Custer dead.

It wasn’t his mutilated body that most shocked the hardened US soldiers.

It was the look on his face.

A smile.

Why a smile as he faced death?

Was it rueful? Contented? Even in some strange way, triumphant?

It is just one of the mysteries that surround General Custer. And his last stand against the Lakota at the Battle of the Little Bighorn.

General Custer autograph

General Custer: celebrated during his life, a fascinating enigma today

Here’s another puzzle that has long perplexed historians:

Was Custer a brave hero who fought valiantly against the odds? Or a reckless maniac who led his men to death?

Visit the site of the battle in South Dakota today. Look out from Last Stand Hill.

And you can decide for yourself.

But today I’m writing about a third mystery:

Why is General Custer’s autograph so rarely for sale?

After all, Custer was an enormous celebrity in his lifetime.

His flowing locks, talent for self-promotion and eye-catching battlefield wins saw to that.

And yet. For a man of such fame.

There are so few genuine General Custer autographs out there.

Surely if you received a letter from General Custer you would keep it in a safe place?

Yes, you would.

But perhaps the scarcity of Custer's autograph is not such a mystery after all.

Here’s my take on it:

  • Custer was not a prolific letter writer – except to his beloved wife Libbie
  • Most of the letters that have survived now live in university library collections
  • Custer died aged just 36 – few years to write letters or sign his name for admirers

That rarity helps partly explain why I’m so excited to offer you the General Custer autograph below.

There’s another key reason too.

And when you become this autograph’s new owner, you’ll understand it.

Because when you hold this autograph in your hand…

…It talks to you. You don’t have to strain to hear it.

You hear the battlefield shouts of the 7th Cavalry. You hear General Custer’s desperate exhortations. The heavy thud of galloping hooves and the incessant rifle fire.

You hear too Custer’s groan as he slumps to the floor. The victorious cries of the Lakota. And the quiet sobbing of a young wife, hundreds of miles away.

You hear all this when you own this signature.

The full details

General Custer autograph

Rare. Haunting. Yours. 

He has handsomely signed "G.A. Custer" in flowing black ink.

The signature is wonderfully fresh, even though Custer died 145 years ago.

Custer has signed above an unidentified signature.

The attractive 3.5 x 1.5 inch paper likely has been clipped from a letter.

Fresh to the market

This item is new in this week. As one of my email subscribers, you’re one of the first people to see it. Which is the way it should be.

Please know that this will sell fast.

Especially as it is yours for just £3,995 ($5,921).

For comparison, I’ve seen Custer signed cheques sell for $15,000+.

Why is my Custer autograph so attractively priced?

Because I do everything I can to keep my buying costs down – so I can pass on the savings to you. I did well on this piece.

This Custer signature has a mystical aura. It holds the truth.

A truth to the enigma that is General Custer. The truth to what happened that day at the Battle of the Little Bighorn all those years ago.


As I say, you will likely need to be quick. Get in there first.

Thank you for reading,


PS. You also receive my Certificate of Authenticity. And my Lifetime Moneyback Guarantee. And free global delivery. And 28-day no-quibble returns.

PPS. Why do you think Custer was smiling? I’d love to hear your take on it.

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