Silver-hilted English-Scottish sword could shine today at Bonhams' auction

Bonhams is holding a sale of Arms and Armour later today, and the pieces on offer provide a range of collectibles likely to attract collectors of militaria from far and wide.

As we've reported, the prize lot in the auction is likely to be the last of the 291 on offer: Lloyd's Patriotic Fund Sword, awarded to Lieutenant Sir William George Parker Bart of the HMS Renommeé. But it is not the only fine sword on offer, and others may be more attractive to those with less deep pockets:

Firstly, there is a fine and rare English silver-hilted broadsword with earlier Scottish blade, bearing the mark of makers Thomas Vicaridge.

It bears one of the hallmarks of the Douglas family, a wild man (wodewose) with a heart on his left breast between the inscription 'For Strength In Stier This [the heart] I Bier' (for strength in battle this heart I bear).

The inscriptions and heart refer to the journey of Sir James Douglas to the Holy Land with King Robert the Bruce's heart which ended with Douglas's death fighting the Moors in Spain in 1330. An attractive piece, it carries an estimate of £8,000-10,000.

At the same listing is an Ottoman Kard (knife) with a gold-inlaid hilt from the 16th century and a 15.5cm blade from two or three centuries later - potentially a strong investment.

Ottoman Kard, or knife
Ottoman Kard, or knife

With slightly hollowed single-edged blade, rounded gilt-copper basal mount, and tapering light green jade hilt with oval section flat along the back and finely inlaid in gold with scrolling interlaced arabesques, the slightly beaked pommel with replacement silver-gilt inlays - a beautiful, but deadly item.

Some may be finding themselves feeling a little nervous now, but will be reassured to hear that a Kulah Khud, Dhal And Bazu Band - that is a light set of 19th century Persian armour carries an estimate of £5,000-7,000 if they need to defend themselves from other collectors and investors.

Persian steel shield and helmet
Persian Kulah Khud, Dhal And Bazu Band

The auction starts at 2pm in London. Alternatively, there are a number of military collectibles available right now.


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