Russian Order of the White Eagle medal brings $13,000 in Munich

From bladed weapons to historic manuscripts and coveted decorations, Munich auctioneer Hermann Historica's sale of Orders and International Historical Collectibles (running from late April into May) has offered it all.

Among the auction's desirable medals is this Order of the White Eagle. Adorned with diamonds, the medal dates to before 1900 with some additional modifications after 1900.

Apparently, the white eagle, crown and reverse of the cross are pre-1900, while the black eagle and diamonds were made later. According to its documentation, the latter modifications were modified by a German jeweller at the end of the 1920s, during the period of economic crisis.

This Order of the White Eagle dates to pre-1900, with later modifications

Rendered in striking yellow and red gold, the maker's mark "IK" is visible on its clasp alongside a clasp, eagle's talons and a double-headed eagle. The medal's fineness has been marked as "56" which was added in St Petersburg.

Herman Historica's lot notes measure the medal's size at 90 x 60 mm and its at weight 90 g. According to its description, the medal is "well preserved, with a few enamel chips and restoration on the crown bands."

The Order of the White Eagle is today Poland's highest decoration. It was embraced by Imperial Russia while it ruled Poland - albeit modified to more closely resemble Russian orders, like this example - until the Russian Empire fell after the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Before becoming Poland's highest decoration, the medal was embraced by Imperial Russia

The piece sold in a red leather case (non original) with a blue and violet silk liner and interior gold-stamp maker's mark, "W. Warburgor, Maison Anglaise, St. Petersbourg". In the end, it sold for an impressive €9,000 ($13,283) - and sounds like a great future investment to us.


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