Rare UMC bullet board shoots to $11,769 in online sale

An exceedingly rare 1899 United Metal Cartridge Company factory bullet board in excellent condition sold for $11,769 in an Internet and catalog sale.

The auction took place between March 20-21, held by SoldUSA.

It was the first of two variations - the rarer of the two, better known as the "Elk Scene" board. It was also the top achiever of the more than 1,200 items sold.

The UMC bullet board was housed in a very fine original frame. Its pictures showed the great condition of the lithograph, with no damage, no fading or missing paper.

The 1899 United Metal Cartridge Company factory
bullet board

The back was in its original condition and the primer box was totally original, not a replacement.

All of the bullets shells included were original, and there was no restoration to the board, which measures 42 inches by 54 ½ inches.

The historic board sold alongside a collection of historic vintage firearms related memorabilia.

Elsewhere, a Winchester vertical banner poster, featuring 'The Cougar' and pictured in the Winchester Rarities book, page 49, soared to $7,278.



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