'Once in a lifetime find' of posters to sell

A collection of rare propaganda posters from WW2, found in a printing factory, has caused some excitement amongst militaria collectors.

In particular, the Imperial War Museum has described the stock of 200, very well-preserved, posters as a 'once in a century find'.

The posters are now to be auctioned by Wallis and Wallis later this month. Auctioneer Roy Butler remembers some of them from his youth.

"Many of the slogans have entered into public consciousness" he notes. 'Careless talk costs lives' appears on one.

Together Poster
'Together' Poster - one of many recently discovered

On the other hand, another is simply captioned 'Together' with a variety of soldiers of different nationalities beneath a British flag, intending to garner support for the whole coalition of Britain's allies.

Some of the posters include extracts from Churchill's speeches to strike a chord with those who were tuning in to listen to their Prime Minister's stalwart words.

The A1 and A3 posters have been given a guide price of up to £4,000 in total for the auction which takes place on March 23, but Wallis & Wallis freely admit it's difficult to guess how much people will want for them.

Collectors of World War 2 memorabilia may be interested to know that a signed photograph of Winston Churchill, and a signed letter by General Patton are currently available.


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