Number One: Serial #1 Sig Sauer Semi-Automatic Rifle hits top spot at NRA sale
Heritage/Greg Martin Auctions has concluded its most recent sale in association with the NRA, offering vintage and antique firearms of a wide variety of kinds. Greg Martin is a long-time supporter of the NRA.
Greg Martin explains some lethal treasures



As expected, a Colt cased 1851 Navy revolver and a Colt model 1848 Baby Dragoon revolver was one of the highlights in the sale. Boasting a .31 calibre, 5-inch octagonal barrel with two-line New York address and fine for this model, it sold for $5,462.50.

Defeating it however was a Cased Engraved Browning Renaissance Set of Three Semi-Automatic Pistols. This comprised a scroll-engraved Browning Hi-Power semi-automatic pistol, a Browning .380 ACP semi-Automatic pistol and a .25 calibre "Baby".

All have a satin silver finish, gold-plated trigger and faux pearl grips and the excellent to mint set impressed sufficiently for one collector to part with $7,475 - and happily so.

Neither of these however was the top lot. That honour went to a much more threatening-looking lot:  A Sig Sauer SIG522 Semi-Automatic Rifle, produced for the NRA Firearms for Freedom Auction.

Sig Sauer Semi Automatic Rifle
Imposing: The perfectly preserved Sig Sauer Rifle

Rather than the antique beauty of the other two lots it is perhaps more striking. With a black polymer frame, it is in excellent/as new condition. It features a synthetic folding stock with pistolgrip, integrated M1913 sight and accessory rail.

Contained in original hard plastic Sig Sauer case with handling and safety instructions booklet, gun lock and 25 round magazine, the piece has one feature in particular which attracted collectors: Its serial no. is XA000001, that is, the unique serial number 1.

Gun fans fought it out for the .22 calibre weapon which in the end sold for $12,650.


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