Museum's 'King Henry II' helmet appears for sale priced £7,950

A museum-held 19th century parade helmet identical to one worn by Kind Henry II of France is currently for sale on the private collectors' market.

Kind Henry's helmet was fashioned by Etienne Delaune, one of the greatest designers of the Romanesque Renaissance Armour of the 16th century.

Delaune's armour was made for the most powerful and noblest Kings and Emperors of Europe, among them Emperor Rudolf II of Germany.

The 19th century bronze helmet, possibly made by the Elkington Co

This glorious bronze helmet was made in the 19th century as a museum copy, possibly by the Elkington Co in arrangement with the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

This helmet is styled in the closed formed with superb and rich high quality embossing of Romanesque figures representing Julius Caesar and Pompei.

The original helmet on which this was based is dated to 1558-59 and, due to its period and quality, would likely be valued at a staggering £700,000-2,000,000.

Described by seller, The Lanes Armoury, as "one of the most singularly beautiful antique helmets we have seen in many decades," this replica helmet is for sale priced £7,950.

On the helmet's surface are figures representing Julius Ceasar and Pompei

"It's bronze patina is wonderfully lustrous and shows a depth and quality of divine beauty." It is in superb condition, apart from a hairline crack in the front gorget.

Elsewhere, the Corcoran Gallery of Art museum (the largest non-Federal museum in Washington, USA, founded in 1869) has an entire gallery dedicated to Elkington's bronze replications.

Here, collectors have a rare opportunity to own an important and museum-quality piece at an entry-level investment price.


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