Hermann Goering's cyanide pill container offered in Munich

The brass container Hermann Goering used to conceal the cyanide pill he took prior to his execution in 1946 is to sell in Munich.

It forms part of the collection of John K Lattimer, who served as the general medical officer during the Nuremburg trials.

Hermann Goering cyanide
Hermann Goering was Hitler's right hand man up until the last days of the war

Goering managed to kill himself the night before he was to hang.

The pill was one of three he carried with him. One was discovered by the guards before he could use it.

The other two were only found after his death and are believed to have been concealed in a tin of ointment.

The lot is expected to make around $28,376-39,727.

Other items include a watch Goering gave to US Lieutenant Jack G Wheelis, his guard while he was incarcerated.

Goering got close to Wheelis by confiding in him, chatting with him about sport and presenting him with gifts.

It's believed he may have allowed Goering access to a room where his suitcase was stored, enabling him to collect the pill.

The watch is valued at $2,270-2,724.

Other, more bizarre items offered include a pair of Hitler's socks and a pair of Goering's underpants.

The auction house's joint owner, Wolfgang Hermann, has rejected the controversy surrounding the sale.

He told the Daily Mail: "This collection allows museums and collectors to acquire highly interesting pieces relating to Nazism and WW2.

"We are completely aware of the disastrous German history between 1933 and 1945 and strictly reject all Nazi and neo-Nazi buyers."

The sale will take place on June 16.

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