Hermann Goering’s silver cigar case to sell in May

Senior Nazi Hermann Goering was gifted this silver cigar case by Luftwaffe field marshal Erhard Milch in 1943.

Now it’s coming to auction at JP Humbert Auctioneers on May 25 with an estimate of up to £1,200 ($1,500).

Goering cigar case

Milch served under Goering for much of world war two

Milch was an early member of the Nazi party, having joined in 1929. Prior to the war he had run a regional airline. As a result, he was placed in charge of production for the Luftwaffe.

Intriguingly, Milch’s father was Jewish.

Ordinarily this would have prevented him from taking up such a high-profile position in the Nazi party, but as he was a close friend of Goering he was protected.

The two men would fall out in 1944, after Milch sided with Goebbels and Himmler in an attempt to force Goring out after the failed invasion of the Soviet Union.

Auctioneer Jonathan Humbert explained: “This is an historic museum piece that belonged to one of history's most notorious individuals and was presented to him by Milch - who would never be able to reconcile his position within the Nazi party and his own Jewish ancestry.

“We anticipate much interest from museums, institutions and private collectors.

“While we are always mindful of those who suffered at the hands of the Nazi regime, this cigar box serves as reminder of the excesses of the high-ranking individuals and those who sought to ingratiate themselves with them.”

Milch tried to escape Europe after the war, but was captured on the Baltic coast.

He surrendered his baton to British brigadier Derek Mills-Roberts (fresh from liberating the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp) who hit Milch over the head with it so hard that it broke.

Another cigarette case, given to Goering by Ernst Lehman (captain of the Hindenburg), made $2,500 at Mohawk Arms in 2011.

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