Gold-inlaid Colt brings $259k

During the turn of the 19th to 20th century in the Old West, the law was often very rough and ready, and many died by the bullet without the shooter facing jail.

One particularly gung-ho character at the time was one Robert D Meldrum, sometimes referred to as a classic 'Bad Good Guy' who shot those with a price on their heads without hesitation.

While working for the Tomboy Mine company in a covert operation involving the Pinkerton Agency sometime from 1902 to 1904, Meldrum ingratiated himself to the mine (probably by killing some problematic individuals).

Whatever Meldrum did, it pleased the mine so much that they presented him with two engraved pistols, one of them inlaid with gold. The latter made an appearance this week.

Meldrum gold colt
The gold-inlaid engraved Colt pistol which belonged to Robert Meldrum
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On Monday and Tuesday this week James D Julia held a sale of antique firearms and militaria, and this handgun was the star lot.

According to factory records, only two gold inlaid first run Colt SAA's were ever made inscribed with presentations, and the unique patterns by master engraver Cuno Helfricht made the piece even more special.

It was finally sold to a delighted bidder for $258,750. It was the second handgun from a century back to command a six figure sum this month, following the sale of a 1907 Luger by Greg Martin Auctions for $494,000.

Collectors interested in militaria may wish to take at look at these items.


Image: James D Julia

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