Following the $95,600 sale of one of Dillinger's guns at auction in Texas last week another item of Dillinger memorabilia has excited auction bidders.

But it's not one of Dillinger's guns... it's the Colt Army Special revolver used by an east Chicago Police Captain to fatally shoot Dillinger himself.

The gun was owned by the family of Capt. Timothy A. O'Neil who was known as "Dillinger's nemesis."

Capt. O'Neil is credited with firing the shot that killed Dillinger on July 22, 1934.

The successful bidder was Wayne Lensing, owner of the Historic Auto Attractions Museum in Roscoe, where the gun will be displayed in the 'Gangsterland' room.

The gun sold for $36,400 - three times the estimate.

Lensing explained 'It will be part of our collection dedicated to John Dillinger."

The collection includes a Dillinger death mask, bullet proof vests, and even a 1932 Studebaker Commander used in the biggest bank robbery at the time.

Aside from Dillinger memorabilia the Museum also includes the hats worn by Bonnie and Clyde on the day they were ambushed and killed in Louisiana in 1934.

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