D-Day landing craft flag to beat $25,000 at Heritage?

A US flag flown above one of the landing craft used to storm Omaha Beach on D-Day could make in excess of $25,000 at Heritage Auctions on December 11.

It originates from LCT-A 2227, which landed at the eastern end of the beach in the sector codenamed Dog Green on June 6, 1944.

The US flag is discoloured by diesel smoke

The craft was carrying three tanks and a squad of demolition experts, all of whom made it safely on to the beach.

The ship itself was damaged in a mortar assault, but managed to limp back to Britain.  

This flag was taken as a souvenir after the assault by US ensign Victor Hicken, who later became a history professor.

It has been discolored by diesel smoke but remains in otherwise good condition given its age.

Hicken described the experience in an interview with writer Joseph Balkoski: ''We went in right in front of the bow of the battleship Texas when it fired a full salvo.

"It was just like a giant door slamming and it really shook me up. You could actually see the shells flying through the air toward the shoreline."

Earlier this year a US flag from the first craft to arrive on the Normandy coast that day made $514,000 at Heritage Auctions.

This lot lacks the historical gravitas of that flag, but is still likely to sell for around double its opening bid.

A scarf knitted by Queen Victoria for a soldier of the Boer war will also feature in the sale - discover that fascinating story here.

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