Chinese Emperor's personal seal to sell for £100k-150k

An Imperial white jade double-dragon seal is up for auction at Bonham's in London on 5 November.

Written on the seal are the wise words 'Love your people as you would your own children' - but these words failed to save Emperor Guangxu during the Boxer Rebellion of 1900.

The rectangular seal is surmounted with a pair of dragons, each recumbent with bulging eyes and a scaly conjoined body, arching over swirling clouds pierced with an aperture for attachment.

The base is carved with four characters reading 'Airen Ruzi' within a border of scrolling tendrils. The stone has a pale white tone with small areas of opaque inclusions.

It is just four and a quarter inches long.

However Imperial Seals of this period are rare, hence the estimate of £100,000-150,000.

"Once in a while an object of unique Imperial Chinese importance emerges which causes one to catch one's breath, holding in one's hands a personal object used by an Emperor that exceptionally captures his love for his people as shown in his attempt at reform," said Asaph Hyman, Senior Specialist in Chinese Art at Bonhams.

"It is a great privilege to be selling such an extraordinary, fine and rare seal."

The Emperor Guangxu reigned from 1874-1908, and died in mysterious circumstances at the age of 37. 

With the Chinese passion for high-end Collectibles, including rare stamps and  fine wines, the seal is expected to sell well.

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