Battle of Fishguard pistols realise 25% increase on estimate

A pair of pistols carried by Lieutenant Colonel John Colby during the Battle of Fishguard have sold for £5,625 ($8,882), beating their estimate of £4,500 ($7,106) by 25%.

The guns featured in a sale of arms and armour at Bonhams London on November 26.

duelling pistols Fishguard
London-based gun maker D Egg made the pistols circa 1795

The battle took place following an invasion by French revolutionary forces in 1797 and was the last to take place on British soil.

The French were ultimately bluffed into surrender a few short hours after landing, with very few casualties on either side.  

David Williams, Bonhams' head of antique arms and armour, commented: "These pistols are a reminder of the last invasion of Britain and as such are of great interest to collectors and historians even though they were not fired in anger and a bluff prevented a bloodbath."

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